About Us

After our first few sips of Yaupon tea, we knew we had to create YAHOLA.....so you could experience this amazing plant too.  

We envision a future where Yaupon is the tea of choice for that morning and afternoon boost of energy!  We are helping to manifest this vision by creating a local Yaupon market.  Our goal- land protection, smaller carbon footprint, and a healthier you.  

Our founder, April Punsalan, is a Botanist and Ethnobotanist with a Bachelor and Master of Science, with an emphasis in Botany.  She researches historic literature to find native plants that were abundantly used 150 years ago.  Twenty-four years of knowledge goes into the carefully crafted Yahola blends. 

Her goal is to teach people how to reconnect to the earth by using native plants for health.  We hope that people will start to use what naturally grows around them thereby restoring both the environment and their bodies.  

We are grateful for the Indigenous People of the Southeast that knew of Yaupon's strength and benefit for the body.  It is a native tea that we want the community to enjoy once again so we can help heal our connection to the Natural World. 


                       April Punsalan, Founder of Yahola