What is Yaupon?

Yaupon is a kick-butt superfood / super tea packed full of polyphenols and saponins beneficial for our health on multiple levels.  It is the only caffeinated plant in North America, it makes a jitter-free ---no crash cup of tea.  Plus, the leaves contain theobromine, the same chemical in dark chocolate that enhances your mood.  

Reported health benefits include: immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, weight regulating, mood-enhancing, and anti-cancer (breast cancer, oral cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colon cancer) (Gan et al. 2018).  Yaupon, especially wild-harvested, is known to have high free radical scavenging capacity thereby increasing our resiliency.  It can scavenge the free radicals know to contribute to many health issues, including cardiovascular disease, brain dysfunction, cataracts, and cancer (Palumbo et al. 2009).  

The Southeast Indigenous tribes in the United States were the first to collect and use Yaupon tea.  It was a revered and sacred herb that was used during ceremonies and often daily, especially in the winter.  Yaupon reportedly helped to cleanse away sins, return innocence, ensure harmonious friendship/communion, and give soldiers prowess during wars.   The leaves were dried over a fire and boiled for several hours until the tea turned a dark black color.  During ceremonies, the strong tea known as “black drink” was poured in a lightening whelk, emperor helmet, or a horse conch shell.  After European contact, the tea was collected and traded across the Southeast.

Yahola's mission is to bring this tea to you, so you can help protect your body and the earth with every sip!!! YAHOLA

Warning:  Once you start drinking Yaupon, it is hard to stop! 


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